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Fast & Reliable Concrete Solutions

Concrete lifting can level your concrete without the fuss and high costs of re-pouring slabs.

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How Does Concrete Lifting Work?

Concrete lifting can restore the look of your concrete surfaces & boost your home or business’ curb appeal while eliminating dangerous tripping hazards.

Our concrete lifting process is a simple 3 step procedure that involves drilling into the problematic areas, then pumping a poly foam to re-level your concrete from the bottom.

This is a very effective solution for repairing sinking concrete sidewalks, slabs, stairs, and more.

What Concrete Can Be Lifted?

We can lift and level nearly any concrete driveway, stair, sidewalk, floor, or slab.


What Causes Concrete to Sink?

We find sinking concrete is primarily an issue of water erosion. As water runs it can create channels next to and under your concrete. The surrounding ground erodes and eliminates the foundation your concrete is resting on. Once enough ground has eroded, your concrete begins to crack and eventually sink.

Why Poly Lifting?

Poly lifting (or polyjacking) has several benefits when compared to other methods. The process is clean and quick - you can typically use it in about an hour. Poly lifting is also quite a bit cheaper, cleaner, and quicker than removing and pouring a concrete slab. Additionally, it's a more permanent solution since water won't erode the poly injection as it will with common mudjacking.

Long-Term Solution
Quick & Clean Process
Usable in 60 Minutes


Don't wait for erosion to further damage your concrete.

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Service Areas

We are currently offering our concrete lifting services to areas of Northeast Kansas along i70 from Salina, KS to Kansas City.


  • Salina, KS

  • Manhattan, KS

  • Topeka, KS

  • Lawrence, KS

  • Kansas City Area

Modern Neighborhood

Let The Power Of Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Speak For Itself



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