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About Poly Concrete Lifters

We’re Poly Concrete Lifters 

It’s Nice To Meet You


We are proud to be known as Kansas’ premier polyurethane foam and polyjacking company for residential and commercial concrete repair. We are based in Manhattan, KS and proudly serve many of the cities and communities within a two-hour radius - including areas of Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, Salina, and more.

Expanding On Excellence & Integrity

We believe it is our job to help home and business owners by creating a safe and cost-effective solution for their foundation and concrete repair needs.


Your home is one of the most important and largest investments you will ever make, and we don’t wan that investment literally crumble before your eyes.  As concrete repair specialists, we approach every new project by evaluating the entire issue, analyzing each element, and then provide you with a custom polyurethane based solution.


If you have a need for concrete lifting (aka leveling), we will provide you with a thorough review and estimate of your concrete repair project. 


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