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Professional concrete lifting in Manhattan, Kansas

Poly Concrete Lifters In Manhattan, Kansas


In Manhattan, Kansas, Poly Concrete Lifters is recognized as a leader in the concrete lifting industry. We use our supported polyurethane foam injection method to permanently raise and fill any damaged concrete areas affecting your properties. We do this while making sure the process is as clean, hassle-free and inexpensive as possible.

Our concrete lifting and void filling specialists in Manhattan, Kansas have had many years of experience in the industry.  We are a privately owned company and serve Manhattan, Kansas and the surrounding areas.  At Poly Concrete Lifters, we provide premium customer services and are proud to offer our customers efficiency and quick turnaround time. Our process has made us one of the best concrete lifters in Manhattan, Kansas.

Is your concrete sinking in Manhattan, Kansas?  Sinking or settling concrete affects many areas of your home and business.  Your sidewalk, driveway, steps, patio, garage floor, interior home slab are only some of the areas that can be affected by damaged concrete.  Helping the homeowner is the reason we strive to be the best concrete lifter in Manhattan, Kansas.  We take pride in offering affordable, ecologically friendly, and long-lasting solutions to Manhattan, Kansas.

Our experts at Poly Concrete Lifters have seen it all, from land erosion to organics decomposing, and our highly trained experts will always find a way to resolve any of these issues.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we can void fill or lift any concrete surface, slab, or outdoor fixture, thus helping the homeowner eliminate their concrete sinking issues.  Remember to raise, don't replace it!

Give us a call today and you will see why thousands of other people throughout Manhattan, Kansas are calling Poly Concrete Lifters for all their concrete raising and void filling needs!


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